KODAMA 100% Pearl Barley Extract Powder (155g)

KODAMA 100% Pearl Barley Extract Powder (155g)

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Product Overview
Pearl barley is said to keep water retention, give off inner heat in our body. Good effect for skin troubles like spots, warts, allergy. We remove the hard shell of pearl barley and make it into powder with a unique enzyme method. Because of this process, it tastes faintly sweet.

Product Name: KODAMA 100% Pearl Barley Extract Powder (155g)
Ingredients: Pearl Barley
Package Quantity: 155g
Shipping Weight:463g
Product Code:4990587001247
Best Before: 2 years from the date of production
Suggested Use: 2~4 Spoon
How to Keep: Store in a cool place, away from direct sunlight, heat, and humidity.

Supplement Facts (Per 100g)
Total Fat:0g
Total Carb:92.0g


【Q&A】Frequently Questions

Q.Why is Pearl Barley Extract Powder sweet?

A.No artificial sweetener is added. The sweetness of the product comes from decomposed grain strach ,i.e, maltose.

Q.Can baby take Pearl Barley Extract Powder?

A.Yes.  Babies can take it once they are weaning.Give a small amount and dilute it with lukewarm water.

Q.What is  the difference between our Pearl Barley Extract Powder and other brands?

A.While other brand powder uses only pearl barley whose hard shells are removed for making Chinese medecine "薏苡仁", our Pearl Barley Extract Powder uses pearl barley powder with added enzyme powder in order to help the body absorb it easily.

Q.Why does Pearl Barley Extract Powder uses pearl barley grown in South-East Asian Peninsula ?

About 2kg in-shell barley is needed to make one tea spoonful of Pearl Barley Extract Powder, So using only Japan-grown pearl barley would not be enough to make our Extract Powder.  Pearl barley originally comes from South-East Asian Peninsula.  Their pearl barley is also safe and of good quality.We manage the quality of Pearl Barley Extract Powder and it is processed in an ISO 9001 and GMP (Good Manifacturing Practice) factory in Hyogo, Japan.