Does Cancer Cell Like Sugar? (2/2)

Does carb restricted diet or low-carb diet become effective cancer treatment?

In the previous column, I mentioned that cancer cells “like sugar.”

So you wonder if reducing or controlling sugar consumption or restricting carb can be a part of cancer treatments because cancer cells will die because of “sugar shortages.”

Unfortunately, the answer is “no.” Cancer cells still have abilities to survive.

That means cancer cells have “sugar/glucose capture device” which is called as glucose transporter (GLUT).

It is a facilitative transport protein involved in glucose translocation across the cell membrane.

Because of the “device,” cancer cells can preferentially take or collect glucose from every cell including muscle and organs in the body to survive.

In other words, cancer cells have the ability of significant glucose uptake comparing to other normal tissues.

The research for relationship between carb restriction and cancer cell growth is remained unsolved.

However, ketone, byproduct of carb restriction, has been a hot topic as inhibition agent of cancer cell growth in research recently.

However, to ensure ketone impact as inhibition agent shall be only when more than 80 percent of the total caloric intake is by fat. You agree it is little bit impossible for daily life, don’t you?

In the next column, I will talk about ketone.

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