Collagen EX elastin hyaluronic acid 1kg (500g x 2 Packets)×3boxes set

Collagen EX elastin hyaluronic acid 1kg (500g x 2 Packets)×3boxes set

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Product Overview
Collagen EX is powder formed high molecular collagen from pigskin, but it does not have a piggy smell. Natural vitamin C is added for a synergistic effect. Adding lactose-fructose oligosaccharides, and elastin(bonito), hyaluronic acid, and N-acetylglucosamine, which are attracting attention as beauty-related materials.

This package is packed in two small bags of 500g each.Total 1.0kg (500g x 2 Packets)

Product Name: Collagen EX elastin hyaluronic acid 1kg (500g x 2 Packets)
Ingredients: Collagen (including gelatin),Lactose fructose oligosaccharide,Hydrogenated Maltose Starch Syrup,Indigestible dextrin,Acerola powder (Acerola, dextrin),Seaweed powder,Hyaluronic acid,Elastin,N-acetylglucosamine
Package Quantity: (500g x 2 Packets)×3boxes set
Shipping Weight:1153g
Product Code:4990587002114
Best Before: 2 years from the date of production
Suggested Use: 10g~20g/Day
How to Keep: Store in a cool place, away from direct sunlight, heat, and humidity.

Supplement Facts (Per 10g)
Total Fat:0g
Total Carb:4.07g
- Suger:3.57g
- Dietary fiber:0.50g
Sodium chloride amount:0.015g

Collagen (including gelatin):5,000mg
Hyaluronic acid:5.00mg